ROOTED IN FAITH is the God-inspired title of a book detailing how His hand of favor was on Joyce Grant, from her childhood to the present. She endured with grace the loss of her husband on "911," and the loss of her adult child to cancer. She was also "given" a debilitating illness that has allowed her to appreciate every moment of precious life. How is all this called "God's hand of favor?" The answer lies in the pages of ROOTED IN FAITH.


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Fifteen Minutes with Joyce Grant. Listen, and be Blessed!

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Throughout the years, there have been many people who had encouraged my Mom to tell her story as only she knows how. Now that she's finally completed this project, I'm reaching out to all of you to make the investment to not only buy the book, but learn how you too can be an "over-comer" in life.

– Jerome Duran –

This book “Rooted in Faith” has truly touched my spirit. The book has something for everyone. It is about love, lost, faith, perseverance, struggle, best of all it is about the glory of God. I read this book in a few hours because it was so well written that I did not want to put it down. Mrs. Grant I also learned a great deal from your book. It makes me want to try harder in my daily struggles of life. The book has an anointing on it, and I truly believe that this book will save lives. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord to put your story into words that others can learn from you.

--Lisa Turner

Rooted in Faith is a BIG blessing.

--Valerie H.

I was very inspired and encouraged when I read this inspirational account of this amazing woman's life. I may be a little biased, because after all, she is my mother. But there were moments in her life I had no knowledge of. It was like getting to know my mother all over again, the one I thought I knew all my life. The level of Faith she had all through her life was amazing, and her relationship and love with her heavenly Father. Even now, during all the challenges she is experiencing, will leave you breathless. I could not put this book down. It is a "must read" for everyone.

--Charles Adrian Duran

I am spreading the word about what I know is an amazing book. Love you Aunt Joyce!

--Drena Drakes

Joyce’s deep love and devotion to/ for the Lord oozes out of her, she seems unable to contain His goodness in her life and is such a great example for us her fellow Christians...what an encouragement Joyce is to others with her fervency in greeting, her magnetic, contagiously warm smile and her avid sense of humor We all love her, and it is so worth it to stand in line weekly to share a quick exchange which is no small task most of the time! So this wonderful sister is an encourager, a shepherdess, great woman of faith, true friend who cares....we love you Joyce, thank you for sharing the glory of the Lord in your life with us!!

--Marilyn Gonzalez

Looking forward to reading this!

--Yola Stephens-George

Thank you for sharing your experience with only helped us to see more clearly and gives us strength to continue life's journey no matter how difficult it may be..God never leaves us...

-- Sharon Gripper

Looking forward to reading your book..I remember my childhood and how you were like a second mom to me..and Joya like a sister..memories I hold near and dear to my heart..

-- Monique

Mrs. Grant. I am so excited for you. I look forward to reading the book. Many blessings

-- Pamela Randolph

Just read your book, given to me by a friend, David Manzi!

-- Donna Cashman

Mrs. Grant, I just purchased two books, one for myself, one for my mom. I am very much looking forward to reading it. God bless you.

-- Derrick Adkins

Hi Sis. Grant I can't wait to read your book, I know I will e blessed. God bless youmadge

-- Madge Plummer

Joyce you are such a beautiful lady inside and out, I am so happy you shared your story and looking forward to reading the book. I love miss Joyce, God bless you and yours

-- Julia Velazquez

Hello Mrs.Joyce, I just wanted you to know that I have purchased two books. One is for me and the other is for my Niece, I am truly excited and eager to read your book. I would like to thank you in advance for being such an amazing person, you are truly a blessing to me and others. Always with love,

-- Julie Jenkins.

Love you Mother Grant! You are both, blessed and a blessing!

-- Asha

So moved listening to you Joyce, you are truly a woman of courage, strength and faith. God will be with you always.

-- Gloria Hobbins

 A blessing to support this special family. And to read about the perseverance of a Godly woman and how she’s overcoming so many challenges. God is great!

-- Sheila Greene

Fifteen Minutes with Joyce Grant
Listen, and be Blessed!

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